53) Problems At Blue Gate

New John Davis Novel Regales and Enthralls Readers
This intriguing tale of romance, crime and suspense revolves around Matt Corbit who
runs away from his job and family

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   It took over twenty years for author John Davis to finish a story that has repeatedly lived in his mind a thousand  times.  Seamlessly coalescing endearing characters and an intensely layered plot into an outstanding brilliant tale. Davis at the top of his story creation form, delivers Trouble at Blue Gate.
   In Trouble at Blue Gate, readers will find themselves to a riveting sequence of events as they quickly turn the pages to figure out what happens next.  The action and pacing are most likely to engage the reader until the pages thin down to the very end.  Davis has certainly orchestrated a novelthat at equal parts regales and enthralls. 
About the Author
  John Davis grew up in Walhalla, Sounth Carolina.  He graduated from Wake Forest College and later served in the Navy as a pilot.  In 1957, he joined the Sounther Bell Telephone Company and spent the next thirty-four years serving in management positions.  He and his wife, Faye, have two sons and five grandsons and now live in Pendleton, Sount Carolina.  Painting watercolors is his favotite past time along with writing. He has been a member of the South Carolina Watercolor Society since it was first organized.