02) Chasing Waterfalls -- Sid's Falls

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, water falls abound in the surrounding environs of Walhalla. A near cascade has been given the moniker Sid's Falls.  
This name is in honor of Sid Ballenger who was a well liked and respected Walhalla High School teacher.  The number of students who he encouraged and guided to
success are legions.  He and his wife Caroline were pillars of the community.  Caroline ran a dance studio which became a gathering place for young people. 
Sid Ballenger was an enthusiastic outdoors person and documenter of local waterfalls. Sid's Falls is an appropriate tribute for this "Chaser of Waterfalls". 
"Sid's Falls"



Bobbie & Bo Wilhite
Trail Guides Extraordinair 



                            Mountain Laurel                                                             "Bottle Cap" Bush                                                      Starting to get thick


                         Are we lost yet?                                                               "Devil's Walking Stick"                                                  Check out the ferns


                                                                                       Sid's Falls
                                                                        34.755967 N      83.307963 W                                                                             Happy Hiker

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