08) The Story of Quilting Blocks

"Cotton Boll"

Our Blue Ridge Electric Co. mounts these large blocks as a community project, using a 'cherry picker truck. These blocks are heavy, Good guys~!!
Other blocks can be seen at this link, click on "Quilt Trail" across the top line:

Mary Lou Cushman  has her Quilting Block Hung

My quilt Block was hung today and looks even better than I thought it would. All the artist said my color choices were 'perfect' :-)) Kudos to them and to the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op for allowing their employees to hang this for me. Big hugs to son in law, Cooly, for being here to help me and to take the great photos~!! Sorry about all the construction included in the photos..what a mess~!! This will soon go viral on the official Heritage Quilt Trail so I will send their link, later

All most finished, now~!!

The quilt pattern has been used from the 1800's...Our Cotton Mill was built in 1895. I chose the Cotton Boll pattern
 to honor our history and dedicate it to my mother and father's memory for slaving in the mill to raise all their children.

Below is the actual quilt of the "Cotton Boll" pattern that I chose. (Every Quilt Block has to be backed by a real cloth and thread quilt) 
 The quilter is the lady with the red scarf..Nice Lady named "Dixie" from Pendleton SC (immigrant from Oregon~!)
Even she said my color choices were better than hers. LOL Me on the right end.